Here’s your CrossFit RAZE 28 Day Paleo Challenge Winner!

Want results like Jenean? Next 28 Day Challenge starts September 1, 2015!

From Coach Todd Franklin, “It’s time to decide the 28 day RAZE paleo challenge winner. First thing I can say is Eric Hough lost [LOL] and so did all the other RAZE athletes who chose not to participate in the challenge.

They lost the opportunity to clean up their eating they lost the chance to feel good and maybe loose a few pounds along the way. Most of all they lost the opportunity to get to know a few of the other RAZE athletes and realize that many of us struggle with the same issues.

Now for the winners. We started out with 16 athletes. We lost a few early but they all had excuses (not really good ones I know I’ve used them all). Then we had some make it about half way but got derailed and couldn’t get back on track. We had some that made it the whole 28 days eating very well but didn’t make it in for final weigh in or pictures. That leaves us with three.

Renee Peer Kline did very well she may have had a few hiccups along the way but she didn’t let that stop her she just regrouped and started again. Then we have Jeff Walton. I was told by a source very close to him that he didn’t think he could ever do a challenge like this but not only did he make it but he did GREAT!!! He also had a few mishaps along the way but like Renee he didn’t let one mishap derail the whole 28 days. He not only did something he thought he couldn’t do but lost over 19 pounds along the way.

But it’s hard to beat perfection. Jenean Halsey RX’d the whole 28 days and I was told she went all the way to 32 days. She did all that was asked of her along the way. She ended up loosing 44.5″ off her body. That’s an AMAZING job. Way to show it can be done. Congratulations Jenean!!”

CrossFit RAZE: Proudly Serving Elkhart, Goshen and Michiana Area Athletes

Proud and Humbled: Thank You Lt. Michael P. Murphy


Proud and humbled, seems like an oxymoron. I think that’s what you would call it. But my specialty is not grammar or of course I would not be a CrossFit Coach. Maybe I still would since Karen is your Coach too. :-)

Regardless, that is how I felt this past Memorial Day Murph 2015. Watching my athletes start off honoring Lt. Michael P. Murphy with the American flag in the lead made me proud of what they were about to encounter and accomplish. And humbled realizing how small of a price they will pay with their soreness compared to all the men and women who died to give us this time with our friends.

With Eric and I finishing out the WOD again with the American flag in the lead, we had many passerby’s waiving and honking. Normally everyone is busy with their day, in their little pod cars not noticing the wonderful community of American’s around them. But that day the American flag, for a small moment, connected us and reminded us that regardless of our differences of opinions, we still considered ourselves one… one Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you Lt. Michael P. Murphy. I know I speak for all of us at CrossFit RAZE when I say we hope we honored you well.


CrossFit RAZE: Proudly Serving Elkhart, Goshen and Michiana Area Athletes

FREE!! Join us Memorial Day Monday May 25th at 9am for Memorial Day Murph

Why come to Memorial Day Murph at CrossFit RAZE on Monday May 25th at 9am?
1. To pay tribute to a true American hero Lt. Michael P. Murphy
2. It’s Free
So bring your kids, family and friends. Past members, current members (will not count against your class times) and anyone who wants to join us to remember and celebrate this amazing country and the people who gave of themselves to give us the freedom to do and be who we are today.

CrossFit RAZE: Proudly Serving Elkhart, Goshen and Michiana Area Athletes

Online Sign-up is Now Open for the 28 Day RAZE Clean Eating Paleo Challenge!

Sign-up online now: 28 Day Paleo Challenge Sign-up

The challenge will take place between June 1 and June 28.

What will you have to do?
All participants must:
1.Weigh-in with a RAZE Coach at the beginning and end of the challenge between designated dates.
2.Take before and after photos on designated dates with a RAZE Coach.
3.Log all food and drink for 28 days in your Wodify Nutrition Journal app.
4.Attend RAZE Paleo food lecture/carry-in challenge kick-off party on Saturday May 30, 2015 at 10:30am or schedule a make-up meeting with a RAZE Coach.

Who Wins? Approximately one week from the end of the challenge final weigh-ins, the coaches will announce the winner which will be determined from a combination of results and who followed the above criteria the best.

Prizes? Box of 10 single serve Progenex Recovery (30.00 value) along with your choice of a pair of CrossFit Weightlifting Shoes or other CrossFit shoes from the online CrossFit store (up to $125.00).

Cost? $29 for RAZE athletes and $39 for non-RAZE athletes

How do I sign-up? Sign-up online here: 28 Day Paleo Challenge Sign-up After sign-up, you will have access to a private Facebook group specifically for the RAZE 28 day challenge and will receive the 28 Day RAZE Clean Eating Paleo Challenge Guide which will tell you exactly what you can and cannot eat along with sample meal plans and resources. The earlier you sign-up, the better you will be prepared!

Elk Town Total Throwdown 04/25/2015 – A CrossFit Total Lifting Meet

Event Sign-up page: Elk Town Total Throwdown 04/25/2015

Ready to set some PR’s on your Back Squat, Press and Deadlift? Come join us at CrossFit RAZE for the first annual Elk Town Total Throwdown on Saturday April 25, 2015 9:00am – 2pm.

This will be a judged CrossFit Total Lifting Meet where each contestant will get three attempts to achieve their heaviest one rep back squat, strict press and deadlift.

Two Divisions: Party ($25.00) and Competitor ($45.00)

Don’t feel like you’ll have the top lift numbers but want to still have some great fun with awesome people and set yourself some new lifting PR’s? Enter the Party Division!

Got some heavy lift numbers? Are you strong for your bodyweight? Then enter the Competitor Division to compete for cash prizes!

Cash prizes to top Male and Female in the Competitor Division along with best overall Male and Female Competitor Division lifter (most weight lifted compared to body weight).

Contact: Bobbie Sage at or 574-333-8000
-Must be at least 15 years of age and parent’s consent to enter. Parent must be present and have photo ID on the day of meet to sign the liability form.
-Photo ID required day of meet.
-Signed liablity form required day of meet. Liability forms will be provided day of meet.
-Specific and additional information about the meet will be sent to all competitors approximately one week prior to the meet.
-Terms: Limited number of spaces. Sign-up will close once all spaces are full. No refunds but we are happy to transfer your sign-up to another athlete if you choose. CrossFit RAZE has the right to deny any athlete entrance for any reason. Prizes for Competitor division will be based on number of participants.

Limited spaces! Sign-up Today!! Event Sign-up page:
Elk Town Total Throwdown 04/25/2015

Renee Wants to Know What Your Excuse Is

Today I just realized I may need to purchase more 15 pound bars. That was exciting to me. Not just because we are getting new members that get to share the fun we have here at RAZE, but that those new members are modified.

Don’t get me wrong, I like working with and competing against high level athletes. Who dosen’t love to watch a talented athlete bust out muscle-ups and handstand push-ups? But the heart of the training at CrossFit RAZE revolves around super awesome everyday athletes.

Renee is one of those super awesome everyday athletes. She trains at the box consistantly. Although Renee has imparied movement from a variety of causes along with a bullet in her head (yep, if you want the story you’ll have to come in and chat with her!) she’s here at RAZE doing her WOD everyday.

One of the things I love the most as a Coach at RAZE is when someone says to me: “I have (fill in the blank problem) and that’s why I can’t do CrossFit.” You just gave me a challenge! This is why I started CrossFit RAZE, this is the main reason why RAZE is here… to change lives, to RAZE all your excuses and to give you a new family of super awesome everyday athletes and Coaches that will hold you accountable to your goals.

In the above WOD I have movement modifications for Renee to work around her needs. In the first movement she is doing a muscle med ball clean instead of a standard med ball clean which includes a squat and we are avoiding unassisted squatting at this time with Renee. With the second movement I had her sub a push press ball throw instead of the wall-ball shots which again include a squat. During the third movement she is doing ring rows instead of a pull-up and in the last movement she is doing overhead box squats instead of an overhead walking lunge. She got a great workout and is stronger than yesterday! Awesome job once again Renee!

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That’s what we all want, RESULTS. What would you give or how much would you pay for results?

There’s nothing magical about getting results… just finding the right coaches to give you the right tools and support you through the process.

Summer is coming… Come in and chat with Todd and the CrossFit RAZE coaches about how you can get results like this too in 6 weeks!

toddafter2015CrossFit RAZE Caveman Challenge Winner Todd Franklin! 6 week before and after photos. Stats: age: 53, weight loss: 30lbs, percent of weight loss: 14 percent. Todd’s performance has skyrocketed! Sweet job Todd… way to represent!

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CrossFit RAZE: Proudly Serving Elkhart, Goshen and Michiana Area Athletes

Free Boot Camp Class Every Sunday 1-1:30!

Yes, it’s free! All ages. And no, unlike other gyms that offer free classes, we will not bombard you with a sales pitch to join CrossFit RAZE, LOL. We just want to offer something back to our community and help get everyone healthier.

Our Free Boot Camp Class uses basic movements anyone can do and there is no pressure… nothing is timed or scored. We just want to make you smile a little while you sweat and probably meet some really fun new people in the process. So, kids of all ages come join us for some fun every Sunday!


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CrossFit RAZE: Proudly Serving Elkhart, Goshen and Michiana Area Athletes

6 Week Olympic Lifting Position/ Technique and Squat Cycle to Start March 2nd

Ready to improve your lift performance technique in your Olympic lifts and squats? Our next lifting cycle will be a 6 Week Olympic Lifting Postion/Technique and Squat Cycle.

Coaches will be instructing on improving Olympic lifting performance and technique through position and movement drills along with a front and back squat cycle that is designed to increase leg strength and work capacity.

We will be performing a variety of movements including snatch and clean and jerk complexes, jerk dip squats, pause squats, jump back squats, snatch and clean and jerk segment pulls, stiff leg dead lift, snatch push press to overhead squat and snatch balance. On the last day of the cycle we will finish with the CrossFit Total.

For current CrossFit RAZE members, this upcoming 6 week lifting cycle will be included in your daily CrossFit classes at CrossFit RAZE and you will find the programming daily in your Wodify account.

Not a current RAZE member and interested in getting in on this next lifting cycle? Text Bobbie at 333-8000 for more information.

CrossFit RAZE Training Hours
CrossFit RAZE: Proudly Serving Elkhart, Goshen and Michiana Area Athletes