As a group on Coach’s call, 2 rounds 3-10 of each depending on the movement
1. Jump Shrug (no elbows, TALL!)
2. Jump Shrug with Elbows High and Outside
3. Muscle Snatch
4. Power Snatch small drop
5. Power Snatch to Parallel (feet should move to landing)
6 Squat Snatch

Mobility Glutes and Piriformis Rolling
Sit on foam roller and cross your right ankle on your left knee. Lean slightly to your right and roll your entire glute area. Do the same for your left side.

Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Squat Snatch (3-3-3-2-2)
From the high hang position shift the bar quickly to above the knee then back upright into a full snatch “jump-shrug” pull. Then return the bar back to the high hang position and again shift the bar quickly to above the knee, gain full extension then pull yourself under into a full squat snatch.

Level 3 Standard WOD
-Use this level if you are doing the Standard WOD as Prescribed.
-All athletes in this level should be hitting the RX button.
Weighing the Options (Weight)
5 rounds
20 unbroken wall-ball shots 20/14
Then 1min to do 2 squat snatches
Rest 1min

Your choice of weight!

Level 1 Scaled RX and Level 2 Scaled RX+
-Use these levels if you need to set progressions and scale the Standard WOD.
-Athletes doing the Scaled WOD as prescribed should be hitting the RX button in this level.
Weighing the Options Scaled (Weight)
5 rounds
20 unbroken med ball front squats or wall-ball shots, any W
Then 1min to do 2 squat snatches
Rest 1min
LV2 Scaled RX+: 14/10 ball @ 9’/8’

Your choice of weight!