30/20/30 PVC PP/Squats/JJ
Then 3 rounds:
5 Burpees
10 Mountain climbers
1x Down bear crawl

Mobility Banded Shoulder
Loop the band securely on the rig. Place your elbow inside the bottom of the hanging portion and bring your hand around and grab both bands. You should be looking at the back of your hand. Lunge forward and let the band guide your elbow up. Alternate as needed.

Push Press (5-4-3-2-1)
-out of the rack
-add weight as you decrease reps
-try to keep sets close in weight, goal is total tonnage
-put your 5-4-3-2 in your comments and your 1 in your score

Level 3 Standard WOD
-Use this level if you are doing the Standard WOD as Prescribed.
-All athletes in this level should be hitting the RX button.
Run Away With Me (Time)
For time:
15 Pull-ups
10 Push-press 135/95
1-mile run
10 Push-press 135/95
15 Pull-ups

-Only score in this section if you can do everything as asked and can hit the RX button.

Level 1 Scaled RX and Level 2 Scaled RX+
-Use these levels if you need to set progressions and scale the Standard WOD.
-Athletes doing the Scaled WOD as prescribed should be hitting the RX button in this level.
Run Away With Me Scaled (Time)
For time:
15 RR or JPU, any H/D
10 Push-press 65/45
600m run
10 Push-press 65/45
15 RR or JPU, any H/D
LV2 Scaled RX+: at least 1/2 pull-ups, 95/65, 800m

DIY Assistance Work
Want some extra skill and/or cardio work after the WOD? If you have done the following movements and/or skills in a RAZE class setting before and understand how to execute them correctly on your own then feel free before or after class to do today’s optional DIY Assistance Work.
Burpee Broad Jump 100m (Time)
100m For time:
Broad Jump